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Nations of RUSE: USA

July 24, 2010
Here marks the beginning of my weekly series on the nations of RUSE (can also be called the factions of RUSE). For this first week I chose both the first nation by default and also the one that corresponds with the weekly tactic: the US of A.
Let’s start by saying, straight up, that this is my favorite nation. You can be fairly adequate in nearly everything in the game, which lends itself to the well mixed shake strategy nicely.
To be the best American you can be, you have to be aware of all your options. Let’s go over a few of them now.
Infantry: Very standard. Exceedingly standard, I would say. You have to research the Rangers (or heavy infantry, I should say) unlike some nations (at least one, i’ll check on that), but other than that, nothing out of the ordinary. If you like infantry best, don’t use the US, but if they are but a piece of your plan, it works just fine.
The US armour is topped only by Germany, in my opinion. You have to research the Pershing, sure, but after that they’re only $40 a pop and can beat almost any other tank (Advanced Heavy). Jumbos will do them in, but that’s why you don’t attack Jumbos with Pershings (pro tip). The point is, they beat most tanks and kill infantry ridiculously well. Also in the US’s armour arsenal are medium tanks ($20 a pop, great infantry killers) that are upgradable and upgradable light tanks. Also included is an armoured recon for $25.
The US stationary anti aircraft (Bofors) may not be 40mm Flak Cannons, but they server their purpose well enough when hidden and are dirt cheap ($10). They are not upgradable, unfortunately, but for most games they will stop or discourage the majority of air assaults on your home base. For mobile protection out in the field, however, you’ll want to turn to the Truck Mounted AA (not the actual name. Oh well.). These babies are $15 each and while not hidable can protect or at least distract enemy bombers from getting at your tanks, infantry, or AA while on the offensive. Always bring three or four of these guys, as they can kill infantry, too. Thye also make fine defenses for Supply Depots early game, if the foe is harrasing them. They are upgradable, too. Next we come to the¬†artillery, which is not the US’s strongest point. The first edition of the indirect behemoths are the “preists”. These are $35 each, so you can stock up is the enemy is close enough. Priests are only good if you want to assualt enemy infantry/AT/AA hidden in forests from afar, as they fall short in battles against other Artillery with longer ranges (almost all of them). These are upgradable, but I wouldn’t particularly reccommend it, as the slight upgrade in range isn’t worth the price hike (from $35 each to $50 each, plus the cost of the upgrade).
Anti Tank:
The US anti tank is quite profiecent, actually, which works well with the power of the US’s armour. When the enemy whips out the expensive jumbo tanks to kill your Pershings, simply backpedal ’em until you find where you had hidden your upgradable stationary AT units that rip through tanks like no man’s business. Also in the Anti Tank catagory is the Wolverine, card carrying tank killer. These have long range and high kill rates, but are easily destroyed. The smartest use of these wouldl be against expensive tanks such as Jumbos or Heavies, as they are equal match for either but much cheaper. These cannot attack infantry or buildings, however, so I usually use them either in defense or as part of my tank regiment.
The US air has great fighters and Heavy bombers (though no Jet Bombers) making it a fine nation to use air to complement other forms of offense, but not particulary on its own. The fighters and fighter-bombers are fine additions for killing pesky bombers or recon units, or even diving in on incoming tanks or artillary. I would not reccommend using an all air attack with the US, however, as it’s bombing is not incredible. The US is commonly ranked as the 2nd best Air country available.
Special considerations:
The bunkers of the US are lamer than those of some nations (can you say Sigfreud Blockhaus) and should probably be avoided if possible. They consist of a weak machine gun bunker, anti tank bunker, and anti air bunker, all easily bombable or decimated by artillery. Avoid, avoid, avoid.
Lastly, if I missed or misstated something, please make it known to me through comments or otherwise.

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  1. warisbeast permalink

    wow nic job again! but u may just want ot say some stuff about the prototype base… i would like that if u could because while the basic art is good the long toms r prob the best art in the game also i would LUV it if u could make a section for maps u no like which 1s r best to do this and that and what will b availble in the game and so on so PLZ PLZ PLZ get back to me im obbsed wit ruse so thanks agin!!!!!!!!!

    • blitzkreigmop permalink

      A maps section sounds like a great idea, I hadn’t thought of that. Also, Long Toms are indeed excellent artillery, but unfortunately they just cost so much and and take so long to produce that in all but the longest of games, they are pretty useless. Thanks for the feedback!

      • warisbeast permalink

        true but as the game progresses it becomes easier to get more money or harder dependin on the out come but i still really would like a map section it would help pppl make new stratigies and other things that could b really helpful

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